Waltz With Solitude

I open the door of my house, it's dark inside.

I touch the switch which knows nothing but my touch.

I see the clock standing still for so many days (years).

No one ever winds it but me but I cannot fight the time anymore

Sit down at the table and drink the wine.

You'll enjoy the bouquet alone, the recipe is mine.

I'm with you through your lifetime, make your breathing unbearable make

Your existence unreal never your heart being called upon

Standing and longing and facing the mirror

Hoping to see any face but mine

Solitude be my name, I'm your friend and the only one

Solitude be my name, all your hopes under my reign

Were people all around me they would hardly make a

Sense of it, their heavy liquid bodies would never Influence the

Your existence is punishment for being different,

for being
indifferent to what is lifeless

Автор(ы): Сергей Ерёмин - музыка, текст

Группа THE CENTRE OF GRAVITY (Центр Тяжести)
альбом "STEP BEYOND"
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