Change of Paradigm

To release her - no way

To accuse her - in my way

One, two, three, for, five, six, seven, eight - how many hours
I am to live...

My accomplices will die tomorrow morning but the

Sentence has not yet been passed on me. It was the best

Part I ever played and it must be the last one, but it is

Not my fault, my failure. The playwright is to blame

Conspiracy has been unveiled, a slip of tongue betrayed

Her. But she will not die with the others I want to see

Her play

Closed forever City Celestial

For I'm the king I've got the power to execute

The executioner's role

I am to play before the court, the sentence is really

Shocking. I've been performing since my childhood but

Never did my life depend on it. I have to move storms or

Else the gallows does well. The snug's awaiting me in

Hell. God damn the rhyme I want to live

She has the motive and the cue for passion, so will she

Drown the stage with tears? If she walks along the

Razor's edge, her farewell part gives her a new life

"His beard was as white as snow all flaxen was his poll

He's gone, he's gone and we cast away moan

God ha' mercy on his soul"

Her choice is devastative, how could she know about :

Her perfection is my ruination "Whatever you ask I will

Give you up to half my ... soul"

Rex tremendis majestatis qui salvandos salvas gratis salva me
fons pietatis

You are a perfect actress but a poor language student

Автор(ы): Сергей Ерёмин - музыка, текст

Группа THE CENTRE OF GRAVITY (Центр Тяжести)
альбом "STEP BEYOND"
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