Part 4 (After)

I'm so real you're so real sitting in
the train going

Through the rain. You're so languid, the one and only

Whom I thought I'd love somewhere high above

It's all ridiculous, it's all so tense. The real possibility

See the dreams come true. I hate it

So uneasy time flows slowly. Clearly you can see the

Message I Received. I'm so pretty you're so young like

Long before we die, Now it's one more try

My final day recalled her face they heard me pray

Gave one more chance to see her

We were dreaming of the ocean we would recognize in

Each Other's eyes. I'm so silent you're so languid

Listening in the train to just another rain I don't want it no
more I can't bare it no more

It's one more chance for us to say what we didn't say,

Hard we try to fix it, it cannot be the same

One never blinks right like a second before, one never gets a
Second younger

Автор(ы): Сергей Ерёмин - музыка, текст

Группа THE CENTRE OF GRAVITY (Центр Тяжести)
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