Part 5

Deep tint of blue leaves her satisfied mascara water

Proof, favourite lipstick, now smile. Evening coming,

Has to say yes or no. Wet Eyes, runs to the bathroom,

Water on to wash it off, much noise

Can't hear bell ring

У любви как у пташки крылья, ее нельзя никак

Поймать. Тщетны были бы все усилья, но крыльев

Ей нам не связать. Все напрасно, мольбы и слезы, и

Красноречье и скромный вид. Безответная на угрозы, куда ей
вздумалось летит. Любовь.

She said yes to another. She had been told the one she loved had died far away.

To the last moment she'd been waiting for him to come but he didn't

Автор(ы): Сергей Ерёмин - музыка, текст

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